The Social Kick Podcast

One Size Never Fits All- Erica Beine

August 17, 2021

Whether you’re feeling inspired from the Olympics or want to start your own personal fitness journey, nutrition is key. Join us in welcoming personal nutritionist Erica Beine to the podcast as she gives us all the tips on what we think is right for our bodies and what actually is.

A former college swimmer and D1 head coach, Erica stepped off deck to focus on her theory of personalized nutrition and hasn’t looked back since. Using genetic testing to understand what your individual body needs and reacts to; Erica’s business creates an accessible and personalized program to help you get the best results physically and mentally.

Her focus on all-round wellness, by using scientific data and tailored plans, is a new and improved way in looking at and understanding what your body needs.

Join us as we talk to Erica about her work and how she adapts for each individual, the negative effects of supplements and alcohol in athletes and just how bad goldfish crackers are for you!!

Grab a water for this one, hydrate and learn about your body.




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